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Minimum Donation: £200

*******Moz is DESPERATELY needing a foster home ASAP*****

Foster carer Update 29/03/2015

I picked up Moz yesterday, he is a wonderful little dog but has a fear of large dogs and cannot be near my Rottweiler. For this reason I cannot keep Moz and he needs a new foster home ASAP. He is currently being left in the kitchen and we have to keep swapping the dogs over so that he can play with the smaller dogs. This is not an ideal scenario and not fair on him to be segregated.

Please can someone help this little dog out!


Moz is a 6 year old Terrier who has lived with us for nearly 3 years. Unfortunately our circumstances have changed and he is looking for a new foreve home.

Moz would make an ideal pet for a family with older children and no young visiting children (Moz may have been teased by young children in the past and this has caused an incident where he tried to bite  my granddaughter). Moz was rehomed several times before we had him so we don't know much about his history.

Moz is a loyal and friendly dog who loves walks, he can be let off the lead, will come back when called he loves cuddles on the sofa and loves to play with his toys.

He gets on with other dogs and is house trained, he would make a super pet in the right home.





Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Minimum Donation: £200


Storm is a gorgeous young black staffie who has been returned to us. I had the pleasure of walking storm yesterday. He loves a good run and was good with command words. Storm loves to play fetch and returns the ball. He needs to go to a staffy savvy home either without other dogs or where he has met the other dogs first. We are hoping someone will foster or adopt Storm soon.






Breed:Bichon Frise


Minimum Donation: £200

Dolly is a lovely, gentle girl who has come to DF's after being retired from breeding. She has been with me for three days and is proving to be a very friendly, playful little character. She gets on well with my three dogs, loves exploring the garden and having a game of chase with me or my Staffie Lucy. She is quickly learning to walk on the lead and seem to travel happily in the car.
Dolly's ideal home would be with another little friendly dog as a playmate, where some one is home for most of the time to give her the love and cuddles she deserves.

Maggie May



Breed:Blenheim Cavalier

Age:6 and a half

Minimum Donation: £200

Maggie May is a very beautiful, gentle, 6 and a half year old Blenheim Cavalier.   She is another newly retired ex breeding girl who actually lived in the old owners house and was very much loved and well cared for.  This lovely little lady went straight into a foster home yesterday after her vet check, etc. here.  Maggie made herself quickly at home - don't be surprised if her foster carers decide to adopt her.  They are already totally smitten by her!!!

Jacqueline and Sandy




Breed:Jack Russells

Age:8 Years Old

Minimum Donation: £200

Jacqueline and Sandy are two 8 year old little sister who as inseparable.  They have spent their whole lives together on a Welsh farm as breeding bitches.  Both have been much loved and very well cared for.  They are real sweet hearts and so deserve a great new home together.  They are small short coated, tan and white - and really hard to tell apart as they have very similar markings.

Sophie Reserved


Breed:Shih Tzu


Minimum Donation: £200

Sophie is a very special Shih Tzu who has just retired from her life as the breeding dog on a Welsh farm.  She is delightfully friendly and so happy.  She must find a great forever home where there is at least one other friendly dog to help her settle in to her new live as a pampered pet.  Sophie is very sweet and gentle.  She was delighted to spend the night in a comfortable big kennel with two other little dogs (Jacqueline and Sandy) who she had not met before.





Age:1 year

Minimum Donation:£200

Foster Carer Update 26/03/2015

Chip was kindly offered a heart scan to find out what is happening with his heart. He has been placed on beater blockers to slow his heart rate down. Chip is in need of heart surgery which is going to cost £3500. Without this surgery chip will die. Please support chip and donate anything you can to enable him to have a long fulfilling life and find that forever home he deserves.

To look at chip you wouldn't think he had anything wrong with him. He is loving, and still very puppy like. He enjoys going for a walk and we are working on his recall. He is house trained and knows his command words. He is an absolute delight to have in our home.

He desperately needs funding and someone to take on this gorgeous little dog.

Foster Carer Update 21/2/2015

Chip is an absolute livewire! But what an amazing dog. He has now had a heart scan and the vets have advised that he has another in 6 months time, but currently no surgery or medication is required. He has now been castrated as well. Chip loves a play and a cuddle. HE eats well and is learning to walk on the lead as he pulls alot at the moment. Chip is house trained and hasn't had any accidents in the house. He is ready to find his new home.

Chip is a small, 12 month old shaggy terrier who was abandoned on the Brecon Beacons, served his time in the Pound, was not claim and has now come over to us to find him a great forever home.   He is very cute, lively and friendly BUT BUT BUT, the vet found the pup has a grade SIX (the worst to have) heart murmur.  This might be why he was thrown out and not claimed.

Anyway, he is going straight in to a foster home to be pampered.  He will be having a heart scan shortly to try and see why his heart is so 'bad'.  Then we will take it from there. 





Minimum Donation: £200

Crystal is ready for her very own forever home.

Crystal is one of the most loving and affectionate dogs I have had the pleasure of meeting.  She is still young and with the right owner she will make a fantastic family member.  She would absolutely love to live with another dog. She is extremely friendly, and is excellent with people, children and other dogs, She is still a baby and gets excited to see people.  She loves attention, and always has a million kisses, cuddles and licks on offer like there going out of fashion.  She is so desperate to be loved and have a family of her own.  She has the cutest ears.
Crystal has not had a very good start in life, being bred in error and unwanted by the farmers, She has spent most of her life in a sheep trailer with her sister and brother before being taken in by Dogs Friends. Crystal was very small and skinny when we took her, but she is now looking really good.  Her coat is beautiful shiny and soft, and she is putting weight on nicely.  Her ribs are no longer visible.  She loves her food and gets excited when she knows it being prepared and will sit and wag her tail when asked before her meals and treats. She has dried food in the mornings, and loves her evening meals, which at present is either fresh veg and Chicken or beef and she is looking really good on this.  She has come on so much since she has been with us, the difference is amazing.  She loves to great you in the morning with a sneaky snuggle and cuddle on the bed.
Considering Crystals unfortunate start in life her behaviour in our home has been exceptional.  Since Crystal came to stay with us and our Collie Jack, she has had the full run of our house,  and I can honestly say the things she has destroyed are nothing to worry about.  She has gone through a few of the newspapers, as per the photo. As you can see, she loves a good newspaper to play with. (Caught red handed!! But look at that face how sweet is she), and some post. She also got her paws on a  cardboard box, which quickly became redundant, and bag with paper inside, which quickly became shredded!.. We have resolved that issue, with a little stair gate a few feet in from the front door, and keeping any paperwork out of reach.  With regards to home furniture,  tables and chairs, sofas etc….nothing.  Crystal did have some major fun with a toilet roll as well and thought she was an doing a advert for Andrex last week, hence it was destroyed by end, but she had lots of fun, and I must admit it was quite amusing to watch. again nothing major, and have to remember she is still a baby.
She adores my Collie Jack, and is always trying to snuggle into him.  She is learning to play beautifully, and respects him.  She would thrive from living with another chilled dog, as she would learn loads. 
Crystal is getting much more confident now when out walking, and I think that walking with my dog helps.  She gets very excited now about walks, as she is learning that once the harness is on it means going to the park to play and run.  She loves running, and she is fast!  She may even suit and enjoy going to agility classes.  When walking sometimes sudden load noises will spook her a little, but with some reassurance and praise she is soon walking nicely again. She is getting used to it.  I always try to do road walking prior to taking her to the park, so that she gets used to the general noise of traffic on the roads. Of course Crystal will need some on going training and with her recall as obviously she has never been taught, but she is very keen to learn and aims to please.  I have taken the effort to pay for a trainer at my own expense, and she is learning.  We are working on her recall, and the most effective way at present is a squeaky ball / dog whistle.  Upon her return she loves a reward of some extra tasty cheese, and knows its worth coming back for.
There must be some collie savvy lovers out there with experience or experienced dogs lovers who would love to offer this gentle, extremely loving beautiful little girl a home.  She will thrive if somebody has the time to nurture her and  bring out her full potential.


FOSTER CARERS, especially for young dogs that need training and guidance, also the more challenging ones.  We are struggling to find foster carers for collies, staffies, young bull breeds.  There are several really easy ones here and not enough foster carers for them.
POSTER PERSON  Would anyone be willing to start doing the monthly posters plus special appeal posters again for the website and for facebook to be downloaded.
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DOG WALKERS .   Sensible, reliable people that can walk - and walk - and walk.........






Age:6 Months

Minimum Donation:£200

Chase is a beautiful young collie - with the most impressive chest ruffles a collie could have !!!  His pictures do not do him justice.  He is a diffident dog and rather reserved.  He's very bright and, in the right hands with a patient, kind family I am sure he has huge potential to be really special dog.

Like his sister, Connie, he is good with all other dogs he has met here and loves children.  He has shown no aggression towards anything, even when he first arrived here and was obviously totally overawed by everything.

Chase is ready to go to a great new forever home now, or a foster family who will nurture and help this lovely dog to blossom.







Age:6 Months

Minimum Donation:£200


Connie is a young (about 12 months old) black and white collie who has been here for several weeks now.  She has spent her whole life in a sheep trailer with her brother and sister after being bred in error and unwanted by the sheep farmers.

This lovely, bright, active girl is really thriving now.  She bickers in the kennel with her brother, Chase, but when they are out, there is peace and harmony.  Both the dogs are getting so much braver and are starting to walk well on their harnesses.   They were too scared to come out of their kennel when they first arrived here.  Now they love racing around the fields freely.  For some reason, they both seem to absolutely adore little children.  The youngest ones they have met here are 7 years.  Connie has shown zero aggression or snappiness to anyone or any other dog (except, as mentioned, bickering with excitement with Chase when kennelled).

Connie is really ready for a great forever, or even foster, home now.  In the country side with kind, patient, sensible people, preferably with lovely gentle children !!!!





Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Springer

Age:6 Months

Minimum Donation:£200


Rocky Went to his new home recently, but sadly his new owners were too inexperienced to train such a yound lively pup. Rocky now neeeds to find a suitable home where he is given boundaries and rules to follow.

Little rocky is now ready for applications to adopt him. He's a very well mannered boy, excellent with well behaved children, good with other dogs, fully vaccinated and castrated. He will need a living forever home. Someone who can exercise, discipline and train him as well as love him. He needs boundaries (like all pups).  For this he has been fully vaccinated, castrated and flead & wormed. 


One of margo's puppies who was born here in July. He will need lots of exercise and training and discipline as well as love.  Very affectionate, clever and sociable young boy. Will make a fantastic addition to an active household. Good with dogs and children.




Age:2 Years Old

Minimum Donation:£200


I visited Honey’s owner this morning. The first thing to say about Honey is that she is unbelievably friendly. She greeted me as though I was a long lost friend. She is being re-homed due to unavoidable family circumstances.

Honey is a staffie/lurcher cross and is 2 and a half years old. She is house trained, good with other dogs and children. She cannot go where there are cats as she will chase.





Dora (What a stunner)




Age:7 months ish

Minimum Donation:£200

Dora is an adorable, large, young (7 months or there about's) short coated, handsome young dog.  The Pound said she is a Huntaway.  We are not sure about that.  We are sure that is she a great dog and it is so sad she was dumped!!!


We hope Dora can go in to a foster home asap for further assessing.  She has been 100 per cent here.

Brian Reserved




Minimum Donation:£200


Foster carer update (23.02.2015)
Brian has been living with me for about a month now. He is a lovely dog although a little bit stubborn at times. He is quite vocal, it is as if he wanted to talk!! he is funny. 
I would have liked to adopt him, however, over the last days, i realize that my home is not after all the place for him, Brian struggles having to share his space with the some of the various four legged visitors we have most days ( i am a dog sitter), he thinks this is his home and is becoming territorial, he gave a bit if a hard time to one of the dogs i had over last weekend, it was only in the flat though, once in the park, he was absolutely fine with this male dog and they seemed even friends! Strange but that is the way of the dogs i guess. They need some space, which is also something that he lacks at my flat. 
Brian is great with people and also other dogs as long as he does not feel invaded. He has been spending time with dogs, mostly female dogs,at my flat and generally he has been good if at times a little possessive of his property, toys etc and has given them a warning but other than that he has been very gentle as you can see in some pics here. 
I have  struggled with strength, although he does not pull as he used to when i first got him (i trained him), we just went out for a walk and after hearing a fire work, he got scared and i could hardly handle him, i had to hold on to things not to fall whilst trying to keep up with him running so a physically strong owner would be best.
He does not like staying on his own but i have been doing a bit of training with this too and seems a little better at times, there is no crying but my neighbors told me that they had heard him crying the first two weeks when i left him.
He loves carrots and not too keen on dog treats but like digestive biscuits and my cakes!! he has a good appetite usually and seems to be able to tell when he is hungry.
He is a brilliant companion and i will miss him much when he goes, i can only wish him the best future and hope he goes the the most loving home. If it wasn't for my work with other dogs, he would be staying but cannot afford to give things up for him. I had to think long and hard and i have to accept the reality. 
Hope he gets settled in a very good home soon. 


Foster carer update (29.01.2015)

Brian is a great dog, doing really well, simply adorable!

He has settled well and gets on with the other dogs. Eating well and sleeping in through the night.

He is very vocal and gets very excited when he knows he is going out, he can't wait and starts barking with excitement, I make him sit to put the lead on. 

I have taken him to the park and has been off the lead a couple of times, he does not run off but will go an greet all the other dogs and when it is time to go home, it is a job to get him back to put the lead back on, (not sure this happened with his previous owners) but he needs some training as i have struggled with this,  perhaps because he still does not know me that well.

Not a great fun of treats, he seems a bit picky with these. 

He likes the kong, especially if you rub something tasty and cheesy but he plays even without it.

He seems to prefer to sleep on the floor to a bed at least since he has has been here, he rarely goes on furniture.

I can confirm he does not like it when he is left alone and makes crying noises so he really needs to go to a home where the owner is in 90% of the time. I have tested this and left him a few minutes alone and stood outside and heard him but when i leave him with other dogs, he seems a little less restless so perhaps someone who has another dog to keep him company when he has to be left alone may be ideal.

I don't know about Cats with Brian, haven't seen him with one.

He is a big soft teddy bear! so lovable i would keep him if i didn't have so much on my plate and i didn't have to leave him alone at times. He's only been here a few days but i find it hard to think he is going to go! I will make sure to the right home! Hopefully in the next few days so it is less traumatic for Brian and me! 


Foster carer update (25.01.2015)

He came to this walk with me and my dog lovers group and made some new friends like Mia the basset, which i look after most days, Brian was a star! we walked for over an hour! Sometimes he is making crying noises but he is settling well and i am sure he will be happy in time.

Beautiful, big boy Brian is a very much loved 5 year old Malamute who is very sadly coming to us shortly for rehoming.  He has been a great dog in all ways for his family.  Unfortunately, the wife is a child minder and Brian accidently knocked a little kid over apparently.  The mother of that little child has insisted Brian goes!!!  So Brian so going - to come many miles to us.


Apparently he hates being alone for long and his really been in his element since the family had a baby and the wife stayed at home with said baby, Brian and children being minded.  So I really hope someone will come forward asap and offer him a great forever home - or a foster home until then.



Holly Reserved





Breed:Chocolate Labrador

Age:5 Years old

Minimum Donation: £200


Holly is still looking for a new home. It seems she hates to be locked away behind closed doors. She gets very lonely and will cry if kept apart from her family. So, Holly needs to be with someone who can give her lots of love and companionship. Holly would be happiest as an only dog but maybe able to live with another if they were very calm and friendly.


This is Holly, a beautiful 5 year old brown lab.  Due to a change in her family's circumstances, poor Holly now spends long hours alone at home and is understandably becoming very sad,  Holly loves to be with people, and that makes her very happy.  She is a little overweight at the moment due to her lack of exercise and a few too many treats to compensate for her being left alone for so long.  She is a much loved dog but the family realise it is not fair to keep her in these new circumstances and have now decided the best thing for Holly is to find her a lovely new home where she will have company and all the exercise she needs.

Holly will stay with her family (in Axbridge) until the perfect home comes along for her.   If you are interested and would like to meet Holly please call Jill for more information on ..........01934 625944



Breed:Cross breed


Minimum Donation: £200

Rex is an unusually looking white dog.  He is a real mix of breeds and it is hard to agree what his parents were.  He is a largish young dog - stocky collie size.  Rex arrived here last summer after being handed in to us due to a relationship break up.   He quickly went in to a foster home.  The foster family adopted him as he settled in very quickly with them and their other dogs.  However,  very unfortunately, for some reason, Rex started to 'guard' the family and things really got rather out of hand.   So he came back here - where he has been for the last few weeks.


Rex has been 10 out of 10 in all ways here.  Just an excellent dog.  He spends all nights in as companion to a volunteer who lives on site.  The volunteers absolutely loves Rex - and vice versa - but, sadly, he (young volunteer) is looking for a full time job and realises he can't really adopt this young dog.


So Rex is looking for a great forever home. 

Special homes needed for project dogs





CONNIE, CHASE and CRYSTAL arrived here a couple of weeks ago.  They were breed in error and not wanted by the farmers.  They spent their whole short lives locked in a sheep trailer apparently.  Luckily the farmers let us take them in. 

All three are very people and other dog friendly - though Chase, the male, is quite dominant at the moment as he has not been neutered yet.

They all need different homes as they don't get on that well with each other.  Can you imagine the boredom and stress they have all lived with - confirmed together in a small space the whole time !!!!!!!! It is amazing that they are as good as they are.

All three are a nightmare to get to eat anything.  They are all very small and skinny.  Obviously they have never had collar and leads on.  It took a few days for them to be brave enough to venture out of their kennels.  They are all enjoying going out in the fields a lot more now - though they need carrying to start with.

In the right hands (like most dogs) they will be great.  So we are looking for brilliant, collie savvy homes for them all.  There is no rush at the moment as they are learning so much here.  We think they are probably brother and sisters.  Crystal gets picked on by the other two - so they have been separated.  Chase has the most impressive chest ruffles a dog could have!!!!  We will try and get better pictures of them all asap. 



Oreo needs a FOSTER or FOREVER home ASAP

Breed: Collie

Age: 8 months

Minimum Donation:£200

Foster Carer Update 24/03/2015

All is going well with Oreo. He gets on brilliantly with our Collie and our westie keeps the both of them in line.
Oreo is a lovely dog and quick to learn. He appears fully house trained, as he has not had any accidents here. He loves toys and is slowly learning that he can't have them all. He has come on loads with his fear of cars and with a bit more training we hope he will forget all about that soon.
He is great on walks, and always comes back when off the lead. I think he would love to be re-homed with another dog as he loves to play. 
We have not introduced him to the cat yet but will try that in the next couple of days.

Oreo is an eight month old tri coloured collie.  He was purchased when he was 8 weeks old by a family from a Welsh farm.  He became too strong, too active, too clever and just too much for the family to cope with.  (He had working farm collie parents so being a quiet little house dog is too big an ask for him and other with that back ground).


Unlike Aretian, sadly Oreo does not seem to have had basic training or manners - BUT he is improving very quickly here and will, in the right hands, make a great dog.  He is excellent with all the other young dogs and with all his carers or exercisers.  He's just in need of the right, committed forever home.




Age: 1year

Breed: Parson Jack Russell

Minimum Donation: £200


Butch is a very cute Parsons Jack Russell who will be one year old at the end of this month.  He has had rather a sad life.  He was sold to a lady and went to live with her when he was only 4 weeks old.  The lady loved him dearly but she was disabled and lived in a top floor flat.  So Butch did not have the right exercise or socializing which is vital for all dogs, especially ones that leave their mother and litter mates far too early. 


The lady realised that Butch needed a different life then the one she could offer him, so he came to us when he was seven months old.  He did very well and, after spending a few weeks being nurtured in a lovely foster home, we was adopted.  Very sadly, this home proved not to be suitable for him and he was recently returned.  We have done more work with him and no one has had any problems with him.  He is learning to play well with other dogs.   Though he is still nervous and excitable, he has chilled out a lot with everyone.  


Butch is a very cute Parsons Jack Russell who will be one year old at the end of this month.  He has had rather a sad life.  He was sold to a lady and went to live with her when he was only 4 weeks old.  The lady loved him dearly but she was disabled and lived in a top floor flat.  So Butch did not have the right exercise or socializing which is vital for all dogs, especially ones that leave their mother and litter mates far too early. 


The lady realised that Butch needed a different life then the one she could offer him, so he came to us when he was seven months old.  He did very well and, after spending a few weeks being nurtured in a lovely foster home, we was adopted.  Very sadly, this home proved not to be suitable for him and he was recently returned.  We have done more work with him and no one has had any problems with him.  He is learning to play well with other dogs.   Though he is still nervous and excitable, he has chilled out a lot with everyone.  


Butch is a very cute Parsons Jack Russell who will be one year old at the end of this month.  He has had rather a sad life.  He was sold to a lady and went to live with her when he was only 4 weeks old.  The lady loved him dearly but she was disabled and lived in a top floor flat.  So Butch did not have the right exercise or socializing which is vital for all dogs, especially ones that leave their mother and litter mates far too early. 


The lady realised that Butch needed a different life then the one she could offer him, so he came to us when he was seven months old.  He did very well and, after spending a few weeks being nurtured in a lovely foster home, we was adopted.  Very sadly, this home proved not to be suitable for him and he was recently returned.  We have done more work with him and no one has had any problems with him.  He is learning to play well with other dogs.   Though he is still nervous and excitable, he has chilled out a lot with everyone.  

A message to you - 7th February 2015


We always take every possible care to match the right dog with the right home, after carefully assessing all the dogs that come in to us to work out their needs and character, etc.  Wherever possible, dogs go in to foster homes for even better assessment and back up.  Sadly, obviously, sometimes things don't work out in our dogs new homes.  This rarely happens as we try to take every care.


We were very disappointed (and surprised!) to have several of our dogs returned from their new homes a few weeks ago.  One of the dogs had been in the home for several years even.  The others for several months or several weeks.  All four were returned because of 'issues' that none had shown here or at their  foster homes.  And very interestingly, none have shown any of these 'issues' here or at their foster homes.   


So now they have all four been back for weeks and all been really good, we will try and find them great new forever homes.  All their 'issues' will be explained to anyone interested in them but, to be fair, we will just really do write ups describing how we have always found the dog to be - before they were originally adopted and since they have been back here.  All have been great dogs and have been handled by a range of staff and volunteers plus been with other dogs.  There have been NO problems with any of them.  



Breed:Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Age: 7

Minimum Donation:£200

Foster Carer Update 27/2/2015

Buster has been with me for nearly two weeks. He settled in very quickly.

On walks he is kept on the lead due to his unreliability with other dogs and also too much running aggravates the arthritis is his shoulder. He is fine with other dogs when on the lead. He lets off steam in the garden playing with his ball.
He ignores my chickens when they are in the run and steers well clear of the horses, he thinks they are very scary!
He is a super dog in the house, not put a foot wrong, rarely vocal and loves his bed.


This lovely older Staffie urgently needs a forever, or at least, a foster home.

Here are some pictures of buster, we thought he was older than he is, but  after doing some working out he is actually 7 and will be 8 this year. He is neutered and  good with children but not with cats or other dogs, he walks perfect on the lead doesn’t pull just plods along wagging his tail it’s not recommended that he runs around off the lead as has arthritis in his right shoulder so will limp if exercised  too much. He loves running around garden with toys football etc,loves a bath and jumbones.



Age: 7 years 

Breed: Labrador X Malamute

Minimum Donation:£200


This week Jessie has been a Dogs Friend dog for a whole year. We still haven't managed to find this striking lady a forever home. 


Although Jessie was in a foster home for a while, she is back in Kennels now. Jessie desperately needs a foster or forever home. Please get in contact to adopt or foster Jess


Jessie's Story

Jess grew up on a small holding. Unfortunately Jessie became too unreliable around the cats on the small holding were she lived with her older lady owner/ So sadly she is now here. She is such a lovely dog. Poor Jess keeps howling and crying softly to herself when she is left (the Malamute half of her). But when she is out and about with people, she is very happy, obedient and waggy, especially when treats are involved (that's the Labrador half of her). We really hope to find Jessie a lovely, active country home as soon as possible where there are no felines and the owners are experienced, calm and sensible - in return, they will have a great friend.


In her foster home Jess showed some good progress:

  • Her resource guarding is improving as she becomes more secure.

  • Her recall is patchy but improving.

  • Her relationships with other dogs still has a way to go - work in progress. She's less growly on meeting other dogs (I'm giving her lots of neutral / positive experiences with confident local dogs) but she just doesn't know when to stop sniffing them and following them about which annoys them.

  • And I don't think she'd encountered traffic before.

  • She hasn't howled in ages.

  • She likes to run barking to anyone who comes to the gate.

  • She's adorable with people, and behaves like a playful puppy quite a lot of the time.

  • Her ideal situation would be to go somewhere with lots of people and activity and cuddles, but no other dogs.















Margo was found with another dog in Wales. It is thought the other dog was one of her pups about a year old. Soon after she came to Dogs’ Friends she was found to be pregnant, she gave birth to litter of pups who have been homed.


Margo has been spayed and vaccinated, she doesn’t have any health problems.


We believe that Margo is 2 ½ years old.


Margo has settled in well. When she first came she had some minor disagreements with other dogs, but she soon calmed down and gets on well with the boys. She doesn’t seem to like girls. Margo likes to share a bed with other dogs.


Whenever she gets a chance she will jump onto working surfaces.


Margo is very affectionate she can be a little over the top after she has been left for some time. Margo loves to have a fuss made of her.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Alba is a gorgeous dog from Romania, Dogsfriends kindly agreed to take her in from an organisation that raise funds to bring them over from dreadful high kill shelters, where the dogs are literally beaten to death rather than being PTS once the shelters are full.


She is a wonderful dog, walks nicely on a lead, appears to be house-trained using a dog flap too. Alba is more Labrador than anything. She loves people and kids but we wouldn't place her anywhere with young children as we don't have a full history on her.


However she gets on well with my 12 and 13 year old.


Alba would love a home with another dog to keep her company. Alba did have a bout of Distemper, from which she is completely cured now, but does have a post Distemper tremor which means she constantly trembles a little bit. This doesn't cause her any concern or pain but it is just something for potential adopters to bear in mind when they meet her.


Could you offer Alba a family of her own?


There is a minimum donation of £200



Update from foster carer 1/10/14


So, we need a foster home for a dog that we're fostering for another rescue. The other rescue are happy for us to appeal on their behalf. Alba has been fostering with us (me Cerian) for a few months now. When she arrived I saw that she had a slight tremour in her back legs and after much research it seems that this is from having distemper as a pup but amazingly surviving it. Alba fits in fine into our busy household, gets on with the kids, visitors, other dogs etc but she's started to fit occasionally, again this is thought to be from distemper years ago. This in itself isn't a huge problem, although not very nice for her. The problem is that living in a large pack of dogs, a dog that fits is not safe, when dogs fits generally other dogs will pitch in and attack the fitting dog. After her last fit my dogs think that there is something rather wrong with her (and they'd be right) so now they have taken a dislike to her even when she's not fitting. She is fine with some dogs like Squirrel, max, sara and with the tiny dogs. So Alba sadly needs a new long term/permanent foster home. She loves her walks and is very spritely, she's only 4 in her passport but looks about 10 when you meet her, until she has a funny five mins and races round playing. If you think you could offer her the safe and comfy foster home she deserves then please contact me and we'll go from there. At the moment she is kept separate from the majority of the dogs to keep her safe, this obviously isn't ideal for her because it means she's not in with us all the time which is where she'd like to be, also my house is fairly small and all the space is needed.










Tim, the middle aged Collie, came to us last year in a sorry state. He was found straying on the Brecon Beacons and was very very frail and lame. Our vets x-rayed his legs and discovered he had old breaks on a front and a back leg, neither legs having been set and pinned to get them right. After a few weeks of care and comfort, he got fitter and was able to go and live on a local farm as a companion to the retired, elderly farmer.


All went very well for many months. Very unfortunately, Tim went for another dog that appeared on 'his' farm and inadvertently bit that dogs owner when she tried to part the dogs. Even more unfortunately, the lady complained to the local police and has made a very big issue out of this. The police, though very understanding, have insisted that, to protect Tim, we remove him. The farmer is devastated at losing his constant friend and companion. Tim is not feeling much happier either.


This lovely lad needs a foster or, even better, a forever home asap please.









Bruno is a small terrier cross mainly Jack Russell, but a little longer in the body than the average Jack Russell.


Bruno was homed with an elderly gentleman in July of last year. Sadly, the gentleman had a heart attack in February. It has now been confirmed that he cannot return to his home so Bruno needs a new home.


Bruno doesn’t like cats, there have been some issues with dogs, but he is living with other dogs now with no problem.


There is a minimum donation of £200







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