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Lise she is 12yrs old, spayed. Owner working double shifts and wants to re-home her. She is okay with larger dogs but worried around small ones. She is good with children....bloody shame to part with her at that age. She is a short haired border collie.


This poor old lady urgently needs a foster or forever home.


She has various health issues. I tried not to take her as we have absolutely no money for her vet bills - but no one else will.......................


Really really urgent. Anyone??? Please!!!!


Donation TBA







The 4 Shih Tzu's



Blackie, Cyndey, Mel & Polly are four Shih Tzu girls, all aged between 6 and 8 years old. Their owner has become too ill to care for them any more. She, very sadly, gave them to us for re homing. They have all been much loved but have never left their farm before, so ever thing is now very new to them.


All four girls are very attached to each other and appear to live in peace and harmony. We never ever separate pairs of dogs that love each other. We do often get pairs, and, indeed, have quite a few pairs at the moment (Shep and Benji, Tiny and Chloe, Lenny and Harry etc.). I did have three very attached ex breeding yellow Labrador girls and they were lucky enough to all be adopted together. And very recently, three of our ex breeding poodles all went to a great new home together.


But I think it will be pushing it to find anyone to take on all FOUR together. So, I know it is another huge ask, but these four lovely ladies really need to go in to a very sensible and experienced foster home where they can be carefully observed to work out who needs to go with who.


They are all very friendly and appear to be in good condition.



Donation to be discussed with Rose for these 4 little poppets.







Harry & Lenny



Lenny (Blenheim) and Harry (tri coloured) are two of the loveliest Cavaliers you could ever meet. They are a pair of middle aged chaps that have been very much loved. Sadly their owners were having to work very long hours and the boys were left a lot. So they have come all the way from the other side of London to us so we can get them a great forever home.


They went straight in to a lovely foster home in Burnham on Sea and they have settled in very quickly. They are very different characters apparently. Harry is very active and loves his beach walls, etc. Lenny is much quieter and more laid back. They do not appear to be very attached BUT we PROMISED we would not part them - so, obviously, we will only re-home them as a pair together.


Both boys were rather overweight but are losing weight nicely. They need and deserve a fairly active home where they are kept fit and very happy.


There is a minimum donation of £200 Each.










Bella is a one year old brindle and white Boxer, whose old owner decided not to breed from. So Bella has come over for us to find her a great forever pet home. She has gone to a lovely foster home in Burnham on Sea. There are several other dogs there already who will help and guide Bella. She is very nervous and unsure at the moment. Doubtless she will thrive given time and patience.


There is a minimum donation of £250.










Well, if we were running a competition for the dog in the worst state, Izzy would undoubtedly be the clear winner. She is cutest Shih Tzu you could possibly have - but her coat is one big matted mess and her skin so sore. She is 5 year old, newly retired breeding girl with an amazingly sweet and gentle nature. She is going to the groomers very soon and her coat will have to be totally shaved off. She will feel much more comfortable then but will need little coats to keep her warm till her coat grows back obviously.


Izzy has fortunately been taken to a lovey quiet foster home in Weston super Mare, where, best of all, there are two other friendly Shih Tzu's who came to us from the same farm and were adopted by their foster carer. (Maybe Izzy will be lucky too.....)


There is a minimum donation of £200.







Millie Yorkie



Poor poor Millie is a very moth eaten looking black and tan Yorkshire. She has lots of sore places on her body, especially round her ears and eyes. This lovely little lady has just been retired from being a breeding bitch - she is now looking for a great, forever retirement home where she can learn about life as a pampered pet. Like the vast majority of ex puppy farm dogs, she will need a home with at least one other friendly canine to show her the ropes. Millie is being fostered near Weston super Mare. I am optimistic that, given time and good food, etc., she will become a very different looking dog soon.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Blue is another newly retired breeding girl who is about 4 years old. She is very nervous and unsure at the moment. Blue is a handsome lady - black and white with some roan. She has gone to Weston to be fostered. There are several other friendly dogs at the foster home to keep her company. A further update and better pictures soon I am sure.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Gabby is a very special 18 month old Beagle. She very recently had to have a caesarean. The pups did not survive, so the breeder decided not to use her again. So gorgeous and gentle Gabby has come over for us to find her a great forever home where there is at least one other friendly dog. She is being fostered near Weston. Her foster carer loves her and Gabby certainly loves being cuddled too before, during and after her vet check.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Daisy is a Bichon Frise bitch newly retired from breeding who is about 7 years old. She is very cute and really deserves a great forever home. We were told she is nervous and can be 'snappy' if scared. But she has been 100 per cent good here, even when the vet did all sorts of things to her - there was not one grumble.


Daisy has gone to a lovely quiet foster home, where another little Bichon already lives. The foster carer will send a further update soon I am sure.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Snowball is a two year old small poodle. She arrived here in rather a matted state and with a lot of shavings in her coat. She is very timid and unsure but I am sure she will thrive with the right love and care. Snowball is being fostered in Burnham. There are several other lovely, friendly dogs there already and this will help Snowball gain confidence. She will be looking for a great forever home where there is at least one other friendly dog.


Sorry that the pictures aren't very good. I am sure the foster carer will send better ones soon.


There is a minimum donation of £250.










Tally is a very beautiful Golden Retriever girl who was born on 8th April 2010. Her owners did not want her any more and took her to their vets to be put to sleep. The vets asked us to take her in and re-home her. They (the vets) had know Tally for a long time and have always found her to be a little angel - and certainly not deserving to die.


She is very confused and anxious here - as the pictures show. We are looking for a great, kind forever home for this lovely lady.


We have had so many home offers for Tally, we will shortly be selecting the very best forever home for her.


There is a minimum donation of £250.










We are very sad about making this big decision to re-home our 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier Murray. He snapped at our 2 year old son this week. Murray has never really come to terms with the fact that we now have an addition to the family. He was always the baby of the family. He was fine when our son was a baby but now we have a toddler on our hands things have just got harder.


I know he will be fine with a family with older children as he loves to run about playing. He loves tennis balls (I mean really loves tennis balls). He also likes a swim which I have never seen in a Jack Russell before.


He's very easy to look after. Enjoys sleeping a lot but also loves his walks. He does have a pollen/ grass allergy which flares up during the summer season. We spent lots of money getting this diagnosed. And Langford finally found a medication that works. He initially prescribed tablets called Atopica (50mg) which did the trick but now we just use a steroid spray which is called Cortavance. The tablets haven't been required for the last three years but thought I'd mention it in case things flare up but hopefully this won't happen.










Wyley is a chunky, handsome 5 yr old Staffy. He is a friendly, quiet boy who is good on the lead and knows his basic commands. Wyley just loves a fuss and a cuddle. As with most Staffy's he is not coping well in kennels and needs a loving home of his own ASAP. Please consider poor lonely Wyley.

For more information tel. Whitehouse Kennels on 01934 750352 or check out their website.









Jake is a 5yr old American Cocker x Staffy boy. An unusual mix but it has produced a handsome, highly intelligent and loving dog. He is so happy and willing to please, this makes him very trainable.
Jake is looking for an active , loving home where he will get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.
If you would like to find out more or meet Jake please ring Whitehouse Kennels on 01934 750352









Jessie is a striking, chunky, beautiful 6 years old Labrador cross Malamute who has been much loved by her last owner. Unfortunately Jessie became too unreliable around the cats on the small holding were she lived with her older lady owner/ So sadly she is now here. She is such a lovely dog. Poor Jess keeps howling and crying softly to herself when she is left (the Malamute half of her). But when she is out and about with people, she is very happy, obedient and waggy, especially when treats are involved (that the Labrador half of her). We really hope to find Jessie a lovely, active country home as soon as possible where there are no felines and the owners are experienced, calm and sensible - in return, they will have a great friend.



Update 18/7/14


Poor Jess had an accident with her paw recently and had to had an emergency visit to the vets. The vet is very concerned as all her paws are getting sore as she tends to pad around her kennel a lot.


Fortunately Jessie has gone into a foster home at last. It is reported that she is getting along very well with Bammy who is neutered 11 year old Ridgeback.



Update from foster carer 23/08/14


Regarding her progress:

  • Her resource guarding is improving as she becomes more secure.

  • Her recall is patchy but improving.

  • Her relationships with other dogs still has a way to go - work in progress. She's less growly on meeting other dogs (I'm giving her lots of neutral / positive experiences with confident local dogs) but she just doesn't know when to stop sniffing them and following them about which annoys them.

  • And I don't think she'd encountered traffic before.

  • She hasn't howled in ages.

  • She likes to run barking to anyone who comes to the gate (or if my neighbours come home late or leave early - which I'm discouraging!)

  • She's adorable with people, and behaves like a playful puppy quite a lot of the time.

  • Since the biting incident, I've been supervising her with my dog and separating them, although we have been walking all together.

  • Her ideal situation would be to go somewhere with lots of people and activity and cuddles, but no other dogs.


The donation for Jessie is negotiable with Rosemary.






Chloe & Tiny



Chloe (8) and her son, Tiny (6) came to us last night as their elderly owner has become far too ill to care for this beautiful, gentle, kind and special pair of tri-coloured Cavaliers. After a much needed trip to the dog groomers both dogs are hugely more comfortable now.


They were very much loved and had been (until their owner recently got so ill) well cared for. Both are 100 per cent good on the lead, travelling in the car, to handle and groom, in the house, house trained, etc. You really and truly could not find such a good, handsome pair of Cavaliers. They are just lovely. And therefore deserve a 5 star, wonderful forever home as soon as possible. Tiny (who is not tiny) loves his mum. Chloe is more timid than her son but so gentle. They can not be parted. The slight down side is that they both have heart murmurs but neither are bad enough to need medication.


There is a minimum donation of £200. Each







Skittles - Reserved



Update 17/8/14


Skittles has received lots of applications for his new forever home, we are sure it will not be long before he is taken.



We have a 16 month old cocker spaniel we need to re-home due to job commitments. He is fully vaccinated including kennel cough. He is very obedient and comes with all toys, bed and 2 months of food. He has been raised with 2 small children and a cat. He is fine with other dogs, doesn't bark, has no food possession issues and is halti trained.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Meg is an extremely cute 6 year old Border Terrier. Her owner has recently emigrated and, sadly, had to leave Meg behind. She is a lovely, very people friendly little dog. She is said to be very good with children and some dogs. Not cats though.


Hopefully, Meg is going to be able to go in to a foster home very soon, where she can be further assessed. A forever home would be great though.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Pringle is a VERY cute small, short haired, tri-coloured Jack Russell. He was born with deformed back legs and the breeder could not sell him. He has come over to us 'for us to see what is wrong and if anything can be done'. He went to the vet for the day yesterday and had his back end x-rayed. The x-rays show he has very severe hip deformities. The vet phoned me whilst Pringle was still under the sedation to tell me and ask what I wanted to do. He would have not woken him up if I wanted to put this poor pup to sleep. But, they know us well enough to know that we would never choose that for any of our dogs to save money.


The plan now is for Pringle to go in to a foster home and be closely observed for two weeks. He will not have any pain killers during that time so we can get a really true picture of his capabilities and life. He has never had pain relief, except for yesterday at the vets. Pringle will then go back in two weeks and we will assess him them.


His hips and back legs are too badly deformed to make surgery an option at this time. We obviously don't want to condemn him to a life of pain and suffering. But he has got through the first few months of his life and we will give him the best shot.


What with him, Parsley, the half blind tiny tiny pup, poor grieving Maisie and beautiful, very sore skinned Blaze - the dogs that came over on Monday from Wales are all really in need. We are just glad they are now in our care and we have lovely, good foster homes for them to go and be pampered in.


Blaze - Reserved



Blaze is a very special dog. She is incredible kind, sweet and gentle. A lovely soul, through and through. She is about nine or ten years old, is blind in one eye and has, at the moment, very sore skin. Blaze is having all the vet care she needs lavished on her. How she can be so calm and relaxed with such painful skin and terrible ears, I really don't know. I wish I had half her courage and patience..................


We are looking for a five star forever home for this lovely lady. She came from the 'bad' place where the owner seemed to delight in giving his dogs 'good' kickings. So Blaze is said to be very wary of men. She went to another farm for a few months and did not come straight from the 'bad' farm by the way - it is closed down now.


There is a minimum donation of £200.










Update from foster carer 8/8/14


Perry is a very sweet,gentle little dog without any aggression whatsoever. He came to us last Friday evening, very timid and unsure of everything. Since then he is adjusting very well to the comforts of being in a home and is proving to be a loving little companion. Coming from a puppy farm he has a lot to learn but he is already doing well with his house training and is much more confident in the house and garden and is learning how to play games. He is slowly becoming less nervous when out for a walk but will take a while to become fully adjusted to all the new noises and surroundings. He is very good with young children and other dogs but appears to be frightened of cats. He seems to have the mind of an escapoligist and will need a very secure garden with a fence that is high enough for him not to be able to jump over or gaps he could squeeze through or underneath! He is very affectionate, easy to handle, he likes being brushed and has had a bath without any arguments. At the moment he is very dependent on human companionship, he shadows us around the house because he is still adjusting to a completely different way of life.

Ideally he needs an experienced home with another small dog for constant companionship and to play with and where he isn't left alone all day. Whoever adopts Perry will have one of the sweetest little dogs you could wish for, he really is a gem.


Perry is a very young dog. We were told he is a Chihuahua cross Jack Russell. But he looks much more like a Chihuahua cross Yorkshire Terrier. He is very cute looking and a huge character.


Perry is very small and will be looking for a forever home with at least one other friendly young small dog please.


There is a minimum donation of £200.






Millie the Shih Tzu



Update from foster carer 20/8/14


I have been fostering Millie now for 2 weeks. She was so relieved to be in a home environment again, she settled in very quickly and has been no trouble at all. Millie is a lovely, friendly and devoted girl, who is active and playful.

Millie is good with my three dogs and loves her walks, is good off lead and in the car. She was calm and friendly with visiting Grand children. Amazingly after a tough few years at the 'puppy farm' she still loves everybody and isn't at all nervous. Millie has now been clipped to remove all her filthy, matted coat and feels a lot better for it! She is now spayed, had a couple of small lumps removed and is ready for her new home.

Millie would love a home where someone is with her for most of the time. She can be left for short periods but wouldn't enjoy a long time alone. Another friendly dog would be good but Millie could happily be an only dog as she just loves to be with people.

All Millie needs now is someone who can give her the love, attention, a warm lap and plenty of cuddles she has missed out on in the last few years of her life.






Millie is a 5 year old, beautifully coloured Shih Tzu girl. She has a lovely chocolate and cream coat. Originally she was a pet but, sadly, due to a marriage break up when she was young, Millie was sold to a farmer for breeding. After spending the last few years as a breeding bitch, Millie has now been retired and given to us so we can find her a great, forever home.


She is very kind, gentle and friendly. We want a great home for her (as we do for all our dogs), where she can make up for lost time and have lots of fun and happiness.


Millie went straight to a foster home - it seemed wrong for her to spend one more night in a kennel. She is being fostered in Weston super Mare.


There is a minimum donation of £200.







Hugo - Reserved



Update 17/8/14


Hugo will be going to his new forever home on 30/8/14



I have a gorgeous two year old Cocker Spaniel called Hugo (DOB 30/10/2011) with 5 generation pedigree that I need to find a new home for.


Due to a huge change in personal circumstances (happy to explain) I am no longer able to give him the time and financial support he needs. Hugo has not been neutered or microchipped but he is vaccinated until August this year (2014) and has recently been wormed and flea/tick treated.


He has a loving nature and is my walking shadow, he has grown up around my two children (now aged 12 & 10) and mixes well with other dogs including his brother who resides with my parents but they unfortunately cant have him.


I have tried to find Hugo a good home through friends and family as I don't want to advertise him and not know where he will end up without proper assessment of his new home/owners.


It will break my heart to see him go but I have to put Hugo and his needs first.


Hugo is has now found a foster home, we now need a very good forever home for him.



There is a minimum donation of £200.








Margo's Pups


We had no idea Margo was pregnant when she came in, she even fooled the vet on her intake check. She had a litter of 5 pups a few days ago that all things going well should be ready for new forever homes in a couple of months.





Further pics and updates to follow as these little ones grow.

Cherry has been reserved, only 4 to go, get one while you can. Only the very best of forever homes will be considered!











Nigel - Reserved



Nigel is yet another young farm collie that was dumped on the Brecon Beacons, served his waiting time in the Pound and arrived over here yesterday. It was too late for the vet to come and check him, and the others that arrived over with him, so we will be taking Nigel to see the vet shortly.


He appears to be fairly young and very unsure at the moment. Nigel has shown no aggression but we doubt that he has ever lived in a house. He is really not keen to walk on a lead even. Also, he is incredible thin. We will let him stay here for a while to settle.


There is a minimum donation of £200.


For more pictures click "Read more" Below.


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Tim, the middle aged Collie, came to us last year in a sorry state. He was found straying on the Brecon Beacons and was very very frail and lame. Our vets x-rayed his legs and discovered he had old breaks on a front and a back leg, neither legs having been set and pinned to get them right. After a few weeks of care and comfort, he got fitter and was able to go and live on a local farm as a companion to the retired, elderly farmer.


All went very well for many months. Very unfortunately, Tim went for another dog that appeared on 'his' farm and inadvertently bit that dogs owner when she tried to part the dogs. Even more unfortunately, the lady complained to the local police and has made a very big issue out of this. The police, though very understanding, have insisted that, to protect Tim, we remove him. The farmer is devastated at losing his constant friend and companion. Tim is not feeling much happier either.


This lovely lad needs a foster or, even better, a forever home asap please.









Everyone here loves our great big happy pup Diesel. He has transformed a lot over the weeks he has been here and he is now loving playing with other dogs and with people. Strangely, like Ace, he adores big, strong men the most. And, again like Ace, it would be great to get him a forever home with an active, intelligent young man- who will help Diesel live a full and happy life.


There is NO minimum donation for Diesel.


For further information and more pictures click "Read more" Below.


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Ace is a huge, shiny dog who adores big strong men especially. He is INCREDIBLY strong (on all levels) but he is totally without malice. Very unfortunately, his original owners gave him zero training, boundaries and guidelines, so, though he is going to be 2 in a few months, he acts like a great big excited puppy - and therefore he daunts a lot of people.


His dream home would be with an active, intelligent young man - who would teach and encourage Ace to be the same!


He has been here for months already and though he is tolerating kennel life, he is getting very sad to be stuck indoors - he wants to be out and about with his special person.


There is a minimum donation of £200.


For further information and more pictures click "Read more" Below.


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Mr Beans



Mr Beans is thriving. He went in to a foster home for a week - but that was probably too soon for him going in to a house after living his original home where he was constantly chained up.


He was VERY unsure and worried here to start with. But, with the help and guidance of the lovely staff and volunteers here, he is, as one of them aptly put it, really starting to show his true character and huge potential.


This is one great dog. We were told he was a staffie cross lurcher. But, to be honest, due to his size and looks, he seems much more likely to be a Great Dane cross Greyhound. Mr Beans loves playing with people and is really obedient. With guidance, he loves playing with other big, strong dogs. Considering his background, Mr Beans is an amazingly good dog and he would love an active, happy, sensible home.


For further information and more pictures click "Read more" Below.


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Flo Jo



Update from foster carer 12/8/14


Flo is a very gentle lady. She is very well mannered, walks to heel on and off the lead. She doesn't really care for other dogs and children are a bit too loud and bouncy for her liking. She loves humans, she is very affectionate and gives the best cuddles. She just has so much character.


Flo Jo has had a tough last 12 months. Firstly, her owner had a very bad accident and is still in hospital, with it looking unlikely that he will ever come out. Luckily one of his friends took Flo Jo in but, unfortunately the dog snapped at one of the toddler grand children at the weekend. So, rather then the dog being pts, we have taken her in.


She is a 7 year old, smallish, long haired black/grey lurcher lady. She has been living in harmony with other dogs. At the moment, she is very shell shocked and timid. We hope to get her a great forever home asap. In the mean time, a foster home, without babies or toddlers, would be great. Flo Jo has just finished having a season so will needing spaying in 3 months, which we will arrange.


There is a minimum donation of £200.


For more pictures click "Read more" Below.


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Millie is a 9 year old terrier cross. She is a smallish dog a little bigger than a Westie.


She has spent her life with an elderly gentleman and had very little interaction with other people or dogs.


Her owner has been ill for some time now and Millie has been fostered while he was unable to look after her. Very sadly, her owners health has deteriorated and he will no longer be able to look after her. Hence, she will need a new forever home.


Millie is living with a number of dogs and is gaining confidence. Although Millie hasn’t had a problem with other dogs, she isn’t particularly interested in them, she would probably be happiest as an only dog with one or more people who could make a fuss of her. She likes to sit on a person’s lap.


She likes to be with people but may take a little time to adapt to new people. Some concerns have been raised regarding her with children, this isn’t that she is aggressive it’s just she doesn’t understand new situations.


There is a minimum donation of £200.






Margo & Mario



Update from Mario's foster carer 12/8/14


Mario is a very handsome boisterous bundle of energy! He is very well behaved, he understands most commands and is learning new ones. comes back when off the lead, gets on with children, all adults and dogs. He would suit a family where he would get played with and get lots of attention. He would also loves being with other dogs! He is still young and needs to learn some manners but we are working on that at the moment. We are clicker training him and he is picking it up well. All in all a very good dog, so eager to please and so much love to give!





Update from Margo's foster carer 14/8/14


Margo will need a new forever or foster home in 6 weeks, ideally it would be perfect if she had a new home to go to in 6 weeks. She's such a lovely dog. But because she is slightly more anxious than my pack I'd rather the pups be around just my pack after 8 weeks. So I can teach them being left alone etc. with out Margo’s influence. Plus we really don't want her getting an unhealthy attachment to the pups like she did with Mario. Although she's a thousand times better already than that. She leaves them to come for a daily walk, she sits up in the front room daily with me, she lets everyone cuddle the pups. So I'm not that concerned Because we are headed in the right direction.


Margo is a very loyal girl. She’s friendly, pretty good with other dogs, clever and quick to learn and eager to please and so affectionate, she LOVES cuddles and plonking her head on your lap. She has a few attachment issues but we are working very well with her to combat these. She sleeps contently all night shut away now and she can stay at home on her own for short periods of time happily.


I'd prefer her to go with over 7 year olds and only if sensible. She's not a young children's dog.


She's not to go with cats or small animals.



This is going to be hard. We think Margot is about three years old and has had at least two litters. Probably more. And definitely pups recently. She is incredibly attached to Mario. He is a maximum of 12 months old and is very friendly and happy, as is Margot. He seems like a Beagle cross Staffie. Margot is probably a Staffie cross. She is very unusually marked with beautiful spots over most of her body. Mario has spotty paws and is a lovely rusty colour.


The hard bit is going to be finding a home for two young, bouncy dogs together. Hopefully we will find a good foster home where both dogs can really be observed and nurtured so we can find out what is the absolute best forever home or homes for them. They are excellent to handle and seem to be very good with other dogs.


There is a minimum donation of £200 each.






Pink Westie



Well, we had a blue Westie last year - Ruby. Now a pink coloured Westie has arrived. She is 2 years old and has sore skin which the last owner has been treating.


This little Westie was called Wendall - but she really deserves a pretty, girlie name. Ideas for a new name beginning with M please?


There is a minimum donation of £200.



Update from foster carers 11/7/14


Having enjoyed her supper has now settle down to watch re runs of the last of the summer wine.






Judy & Jessie


Judy                                      Jessie


Judy and Jessie are two very cute, tiny Yorkshire Terriers girls, both aged about 7 years, that arrived from a puppy farm last weekend. They were lucky enough to go straight in to a foster home - where they have both thrived. Judy and Jessie are sweet, friendly little dogs but will need to live with other kind, friendly little dogs. Their foster carer thinks they will be fine to be parted - so long, as I say, they do not go as only dogs.


They are being fostered near Bristol.


There is a minimum donation of £200 Each.









Update from foster carer 10/5/14


Since being fostered, Lad has come out of his shell and is trusting again although he still needs a lot of reassurance that he is doing the right thing. He is playful, affectionate and obedient and there have been absolutely no signs of food or toy aggression with my other two dogs. His tolerance of traffic is improving by the day. He needs to be praised and treated with lots of love and respect and sensitivity. He is very good with people and other dogs and has met children of all ages outside our home and is absolutely fine with them. He is one of nature's worriers but not in an aggressive way at all.


Ideally, he needs a stress-free home with another dog to play with.



Lad came to us at the beginning of last year as he was an unwanted young farm collie. He has been an incredibly unlucky lad. He hurt his toe badly soon after arriving here and need it removing. The wound took ages to heal. He was then adopted but, a little while later, the adopter had a bad accident and we had to have Lad back. He got adopted again quite quickly and spent a year in that home. They worked very hard and really helped Lad gain confidence and training. Recently the couple went away on holiday, leaving Lad in the care of an elderly relative. Whilst on a walk, Lad got badly trapped in some wire and, in his pain and terror, bit the hand of the lad trying to free him. So now Lad is back here yet again.


This time we are looking for third time lucky for him. He is being fostered by a lovely couple and he is very happy living with their other dogs and not being pushed too much. Lad's permanent home wish list includes


1. Home with other friendly, playful, happy dog or dogs

2. Right in the countryside with safe interesting walks.

3. Definitely a chilled family who will not expect too much from Lad and will let him develop at his own speed.


There is a minimum donation of £200.









Lexy is a very loving and well-trained six year old female staffie who I've been fostering since Sept 2013. She loves to have cuddles on the sofa, go on walks and play ball. She's perfectly house trained, walks well on and off the lead, only plays with her toys and never chews anything that's not hers.


She always does as she's told - including ignoring the wild ducks that have recently arrived in the garden! She has managed to make all visitors to the house fall in love with her, despite many having previously had no interaction with staffie's and having preconceptions about the breed. In no time at all she's sitting on their knee having a cuddle or making them play ball with her.


I have a four year old son who she tolerates but is unsure of at times so she really would be happier in a house with older/no children. She also gets scared when other dogs run up to her on walks so would be best in a house with no other dogs.


She had a cancerous tumour removed last Sept - but there have been no signs of any re-growth in the last 7 months and she seems to be in perfect health so it's likely the whole growth was removed.


There is NO minimum donation for Lexy, but please bear in mind that we have spent hundreds of pounds to get her fit and healthy.









Sky is a 5 year old cross breed girl who is coming to us due to a marriage break up. She has been much loved and her owner is very sad to have to re-home her. Sky is very friendly with people but not with other dogs so she will have to be the only dog in the home.


Sky has gone to one of our lovely foster families. This is great that the lovely little girl has gone in to a home. Further update soon.


Update from foster carers 6/6/14


just a quick catch up to let you know that Sky is doing great and has integrated really well into our everyday routine and is such wonderful company to have around. Anywhere we go and anyone she meets, everybody is simply falling in love with her straight away as she's got such a good-natured personality and is easy to handle in almost any situation. We are very, very close to saying that we'd actually like to adopt her ourselves as obviously she has won our hearts over as well, but we're not quite sorted on all the logistics yet. So for now, if there is a lovely home for her, we'd be sad to see her go, but obviously happy if it was THE perfect home & family for her.


There's just nothing better than seeing her big smile when she's out and about!


The minimum donation for Sky is £200.








Bruno is a small terrier cross mainly Jack Russell, but a little longer in the body than the average Jack Russell.


Bruno was homed with an elderly gentleman in July of last year. Sadly, the gentleman had a heart attack in February. It has now been confirmed that he cannot return to his home so Bruno needs a new home.


Bruno doesn’t like cats, there have been some issues with dogs, but he is living with other dogs now with no problem.


There is a minimum donation of £200





Winter & Wonder



Wonder and Winter are wired haired fox terrier cross miniature poodles, born dual sexed, and now aged 6 months old, having arrived here at 5 weeks old. They have grown in to lovely, happy, lively young pups.


Wonder has had her surgery now and is recovering very well. Winter is due to have her op shortly. These two pups are very attached to each other so can only be re-homed together. They have been very well handled, trained and socialised by their foster carer and are ready (as soon as Winter has her surgery) to go to their own forever home.


There is a minimum donation of £200 Each








Alba is a gorgeous dog from Romania, Dogsfriends kindly agreed to take her in from an organisation that raise funds to bring them over from dreadful high kill shelters, where the dogs are literally beaten to death rather than being pts once the shelters are full.


She is a wonderful dog, walks nicely on a lead, appears to be house-trained using a dog flap too. Alba is more Labrador than anything. She loves people and kids but we wouldn't place her anywhere with young children as we don't have a full history on her.


However she gets on well with my 12 and 13 year old.


Alba would love a home with another dog to keep her company. Alba did have a bout of Distemper, from which she is completely cured now, but does have a post Distemper tremor which means she constantly trembles a little bit. This doesn't cause her any concern or pain but it is just something for potential adopters to bear in mind when they meet her.


Could you offer Alba a family of her own?


There is a minimum donation of £200










Oscar is a 6 year old Rottermann who is looking for a new home - either foster or (preferably) forever home - asap as his owner is too ill to look after him.  Oscar's best friend is a little Yorkie and he likes cats too apparently.  He is a bit shy with new dogs.


Update 8/2/14


Oscar has gone to a new foster home, watch this space for new photos and information.


Update 23/2/14


Great news for Oscar, he will be going back to his owner in the very near future.


Update 7/3/14


It seems that poor Oscar will not be returning home as his owner has made the decision that he is no longer required!!!

There must be some body that can give this special chap a good home.


Update 1/5/14


Oscar is interacting with our 5 other dogs really well. On the lead he does lunge at other dogs but it's obviously because he is nervy and not aggressive. He is an absolute softy. He accepts our cat. In all he is a lovely dog and is fine with people and other dogs once he has got over his apprehension and got to know them.

He is still looking for a permanent home and as his foster carers we will continue to work with him in the meantime.


There is a minimum donation of £200







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Our Facebook button will be coming shortly. Thankyou.






Cassie the Rottie


Update 2/8/14


Cassie is no longer available for adoption as she will be another of our long term foster dogs.



Cassie is a lovely, amazingly good natured 5 year old Rottweiler at we took in last week end.  She had been rescued from an awful situation at the beginning of this year.  Unfortunately, the couple who took her in became too ill to look after her so we were asked to help her. Even more unfortunately, they failed to tell us she has a very bad back leg which will require major surgery to correct and take away the pain.   The couple had spent money on having a large, benign lump removed from
one of her back legs and feeding her up, but they could not spend the money fixing her cruitite ligament that had 'broken' on her other back leg. As soon as she arrived, it was obvious how bad it was.  She saw our vets first thing morning who agreed and her great foster carers brought her over again on Tuesday her full xrays to confirm this.


Cassie is a beautiful Rottie that desperately needs a cruciate operation. Dogs friends took Cassie in and are trying to raise funds. She is an easy foster dog but has had a troubled life, this shows in day to day life. We're sure the right home is out there for her but obviously she cannot be homed until the operation is done . Please help us raise funds for this wonderful girl. The operation will be between £1000 and £1300 thank you. If you would like to donate to help this little lady out, we'd really appreciate it. You can donate by either sending a cheque to us, marked for Cassie or use our paypal button on our website. Maybe you'd like to hold a little fundraiser, like a cake sale or a coffee morning? Thankyou so much for your support.


There is NO minimum donation for Cassie, but please bear in mind that we have spent hundreds of pounds to get her fit and healthy.





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